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Coral is the true signature shade of summer. It can compliment almost any skin tone, especially sun-kissed complexions. It’s feminine yet fresh enough to be considered a statement color, especially when paired to pop with neutral taupe and ivory. This hue is also the happy medium between bright fuchsia and orange - think of it as a muted way to invoke the quiet moments of dawn, just before the sky lights up to harken a full summer’s day. Shop our swimsuits in coral here.

Swimsuiting Tip - Simply Retro

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The La Digue Maillot is a one-piece swimsuit best for curvy and hourglass figures. This is a sleek style that will help lengthen the torso while the sweetheart neckline creates a flattering (and flirty!) neckline. A simple stripe of see-through mesh at the natural waist draws the eyes inward and creates an optical cinch. We also like the retro-inspired rear - it’s full coverage at its most demure! Did someone say resort chic? 


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The summer shade to have this season is Sunset - the BLUMOSS yellow. A rich, warm butterscotch, this sunny hue will look great against medium and tanned skin tones. Traditionally a color symbolizing happiness and optimism, yellow is a great color to flaunt when wanting to convey a sense of lightness and positivity. You’ll be exuding pure sunshine at the beach! Sunset is available in these swimsuit styles, here.

Bikini Body Tips - Part 1

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Did summer sneak up on you? Not to worry - we’ll share our easy tips for getting yourself bikini body ready! Remember: the trick is to start with baby steps. Before you know it, you’ll be on the path to healthy habits that not only stick but deliver the long-term fitness results you’ll be proud to show off!


1. Get outside. We meant it - there’s nothing like nature to inspire a thirty minute run or hour long hike. So break up your work week with some fresh air and cardio.


2. Eat seasonal fruit. This is one of the best parts of the season - treat yourself to a healthy and delicious snack during the day and another serving at night for dessert. Add a drizzle of honey.


3. Stay hydrated. Water will help flush toxins and keep your body balanced. Keep a reusable water bottle handy or a 16-ounce tumbler at your desk. Refill throughout the day.

We promised this would be easy! Be sure to check back for more tips to help keep you healthy, well and beautiful - all year long!

Swimsuiting Tip - TRI A CLASSIC

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An iconic swimwear style, the classic triangle bikini is an especially flattering silhouette for small to medium-sized chests. The BLUMOSS Mai Triangle Bikini has delicate straps that tie at the neck and unique mesh panels that add sexy detail. A brass signature logo rests between cups for subtle glamour. The range of colors this style is available in gives plenty of options for the upcoming season. Shop this re-invented classic here.