At BLUMOSS, we believe that every woman can look beautiful in a swimsuit. Swimsuiting – the act of finding the perfect swimsuit that flatters your body type and gives you the confidence to wear it – is something that every woman should enjoy.

With this in mind, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the right mix of fit, feel and coverage for every swimsuit we design. BLUMOSS uses premium, soft Italian Lycra that is breathable, fast drying and chlorine resistant, for a quality suit you can take to the beach or pool.

Do you struggle with swimsuit shopping? Are you still searching for the best bikini for your body type? From sleek, one-piece maillots to sexy bikinis and bandeaus, Blumoss swimwear is made to flatter and fit you. We think fashionable comfort is attainable, that coverage and trend can go together and that support equals sexy.

Our mission at BLUMOSS is to provide you with the best swimsuiting experience. We invite you to explore our collections and start your swimsuiting now.

Designer Profile

Himani Pradhan

As a designer and fashion industry veteran, Himani Pradhan knows the struggle of swimsuiting, and how the process of trying on, shopping for, and wearing swimwear can quickly become an exhausting struggle, fraught with anxiety. Himani found there are generally two categories of swimwear available: trendy and skimpy in the juniors section, or frumpy styles with heavy fabric to hide “problem” areas for misses. A young, confident woman, Himani felt trapped between the opposing personalities of swimwear, and found no middle ground for modest, stylish women.

Having cultivated over ten years of fashion design and premium fabric sourcing, Himani decided that she would bridge that gap. She founded BLUMOSS and launched her exclusive designs for Spring/Summer 2015.

“I believe fashion and fit go hand in hand. I design keeping my psyche in mind. As a woman, I invest in clothing that is constructed well with luxurious fabrics. Pieces that are on-trend but tasteful and most importantly, makes me feel good. Where is the equivalent in swimwear? I knew it had to be BLUMOSS.”

At the helm of her newly launched brand, Himani is excited to create what she couldn’t find. And behind Blumoss, her passion and vision come together to offer other style-conscious women the kind of swimsuiting experience they deserve.