BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: Jennifer DeCillis, Miss New Jersey United States 2014

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We remember the first time we saw Jennifer Decillis, Miss New Jersey United States 2014 - the raven-haired beauty was welcoming guests at this past spring’s Miss New York United States pageant in Manhattan. Alluring, hospitable and full of charm, Jennifer was the type of beauty queen who made an impression. We were elated when she chose BLUMOSS to accompany her on her next adventure - the Tropic Beauty Finals in Las Vegas. Below, Jennifer gives us insider access from her latest Sin City opportunity to life as a model:


BM:  Tell us about the Tropics Beauty Finals!

JD:    The Tropic Beauty finals are such an honor to attend because you know that you are one of one hundred women from around the globe selected to participate. Being rewarded with a spot in the 2016 calendar and the opportunity to shoot for the 2017 calendar was the icing on the cake.


BM: Give us the rundown on life as a model!

JD:  Life as a model has been the most chaotic, rewarding, exciting, spontaneous, and humbling experience I could ever ask for and I love every minute of it!


BM:  How would you describe your style?

JD:  My style is very versatile, like my look. I love being able to go from New York chic to California beachy and I am constantly trying new styles to see what I like best. I am a chameleon.


BM:  What is the most challenging thing when it comes to swimwear shopping?

JD:  When it comes to choosing a bikini for a calendar shoot, it can be tough to find one that is both beautiful and functional. Calendars require solids and simple styles and BLUMOSS gave me those options with beautiful design and fit!


BM:  Please share your best swimsuit / bikini fit tip with us.

JD:  For me it is hard to find a bikini that flatters my curves and my natural features. Finding a suit that both supports and allows for a little give is important. And when it comes in a color like Sunset yellow, it's even better!


BM:  Can you tell us what your favorite BLUMOSS suit is and why?

JD:  I love the Mai Mesh bikini! The mesh outline gives it the right amount of sexy and the gold hardware makes it pop. I have the Sunset and the Fuchsia colors and love them both!


BM:  What’s next on your bucket list?

JD:  As a former pageant queen I have thought about going back and competing or perhaps going into coaching. I know that my work in the modeling industry is far from finished so I am staying driven and motivated towards more success.


BM:  What's your best travel tip?

JD:  My best travel tip is to do the absolute most with your vacation. You might never be there again, so go out and explore, meet the locals, try something new and save sleep for when you're home!


BM:  Never leave home without...

JD:  I could never leave home without a good bikini. You never know when you might need one and a beach is always a go-to.


BM:  BLUMOSS Babes are...

JD:  BLUMOSS babes are confident, sexy, classy women who are comfortable in their skin and feel beautiful in their BLUMOSS swimwear!

BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: The Wordy Girl

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We can’t resist the sunny vibe and summer fun of the Sunshine State and that’s why we caught up with Miami-based blogger Maria Tettamanti of The Wordy Girl. Below, she gives us a peek into life as one of Florida’s most prolific fashion bloggers!


BM:  How would you describe your style?

WG: Classic with a little edge.  


BM:  What is the most challenging thing when it comes to swimwear shopping?

WG:  For me, personally, I feel like I have amazing legs but my butt could use improvement. I like a lot of coverage on my backside and it’s hard to find swimsuits with enough fabric!


BM:  Please share your best swimsuit / bikini fit tip with us.

WG:  The cut of the Skala Keyhole Lattice Maillot provides the perfect amount of coverage for my booty!


BM:  What is your favorite BLUMOSS suit and why?

WG:  I love the see-through aspect found in the Eden Mesh Panel Maillot. Hello, sexy!


BM:  What’s next on your bucket list?

WG:  Traveling to Zacynthos, Greece — home to the most gorgeous beach on planet Earth.


BM:  What's your best Travel Tip?

WG:  Never over pack. I literally make a list breaking down each day and what I’ll wear. Always pack a fedora because it adds a major dose of glam to any meh look. Do not pack clothes that require ironing. And never underestimate the power of dry shampoo!


BM:  Never leave home without…

WG:  Your bikini…you never know when the opportunity to hit the beach will present itself.


BM:  BLUMOSS Babes are…

WG:  Confident and sexy!

BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: Model Joyce Saturno

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Our fresh new face and BLUMOSS Babe of the season is Brazilian-born model, Joyce Saturno. We loved her fun and sassy energy as she graced the beaches of Florida for our shoot - so much so that we recently caught up with her to find out what life is like behind the lens:


BM:  Give us the rundown on life as a model!

JS:  It's definitely not as easy as it looks! Shoots are early in the morning, under the eventually blazing, hot sun! But over all, it's a creative type of job and I love it! I get to meet and work with very talented, amazing people and create marvelous outcomes!


BM:  How would you describe your lifestyle?

JS:  Busy! Busy! Busy! Always working! I'm a visual merchandiser and I love what I do, I work 40-45 hours a week at that job. On my time off from there, I'm most likely modeling at the beach/studio or styling a shoot. However, I always find time to do some city exploring with my loving boyfriend who is very supportive of my work-oriented mentality, since he's the same way!


BM: What is the most challenging thing when it comes to swimwear shopping?

JS:  The most challenging thing would definitely be finding the right fit for your body. For me, it is finding a suit that can flatter my bust area. I'm very curvy and sometimes the suit just does not fit how it's supposed to, doesn't matter what size I try on!


BM:  Please share your best swimsuit/bikini fit tip with us.

JS:  The best fit tip I can give to any lady is to find a fit YOU feel comfortable in!! Sometimes we get so caught up in current trends, that we just end up feeling completely uncomfortable! Luckily BLUMOSS has the perfect fit for my bust that makes me feel comfortable whether I am lounging or doing any activities!


BM:  What is your favorite BLUMOSS suit and why?

JS:  My fave fave would definitely be the Skala Keyhole Maillot! I actually have never had a one piece where I felt 100% comfortable in! And it has the cutest charm, with the keyhole cutouts along the bust and the open back!! Love love LOVE!


BM:  What's next on your bucket list?

JS:  With my modeling: I am currently working really hard to try to work with as many photographers/bathing suit companies/make up artists/models as I can...that way I can get my blog out in the open finally!!!

With my merchandising: I'm also working really hard to get promoted again and hopefully in the next year and a half I'll be able to travel the district and merchandise for my company and BLOG ON THE ROAD (about fashion, style, lifestyle, and modeling)!!!!! So excited!!!!


BM:  Never leave home without

JS:  A positive mentality. This may be as corny as ever but I am a very optimistic person, and the positive energy HELPS with everything I set my mind to!! ....And also my phone haha!


BM:  BLUMOSS babes are...

JS:  Sexy and classy; always charming!

On Trend - Mesh

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At BLUMOSS, we think the mesh trend is here to stay. We love the idea of flirty, see-through details because it’s sexy without revealing too much. A versatile element, mesh can also give a sporty look while providing natural ventilation--perfect for hot, summer days! Whether you’re going for a look that is almost entirely mesh, like the Eden one-piece or for something with subtler, mesh accents, such as the Mai bikini, we’re sure you’ll find the right style for you. Shop here.

Swimsuit Spotlight: Carena Halter Bikini

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The Carena Halter Bikini is a modest two-piece bikini that is great to take on family vacations. It works well for women with small-to-modest chests and the matching bottom provides full rear coverage.


Why we love it: it’s a two piece bikini that allows for modesty and support!


Best body type: this bikini will look great on athletic figures or women with a more full figured bottom.

Pack it for: trips that will take you to family filled destinations. This suit is kid-chasing friendly and great for activity-packed days.