Rounding up our swim favorites for FALL!

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We love autumn but refuse to get caged in by sweater weather. Besides, the right maillot can complement outfits that help you transition into fall. From easy layering to flaunting underneath a tulle mini, swimsuits can help take you from weekend casual to girls’ night out. Get the look with our three favorite styles of the season:

  1. Villa - the plunging neckline balances a flowing maxi. Add a scarf for gypset allure.

  2. Naomi - pair with a skater skirt or leather mini. Add a faux fur vest and get ready for a sassy night out with the girls.

  3. La Digue - wear with wide-legged pants for an effortless “athleisure” vibe.

On Location: 2016 Photoshoot, Los Angeles

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Set against the desert backdrop of Southern California, the BLUMOSS 2016 Collection comes alive in bold prints and exotic details. Our newest line debuts just before the holidays - perfect timing for cruise season! For now, we give you this exclusive sneak peek and don’t forget, our classic BLUMOSS styles are still available, here.

Swimming Into Fall

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Autumn is here but that doesn’t mean you have to retire your swimsuit! Use it as inspiration for fall looks or incorporate a deep hued maillot, such as the Skala, into an outfit. Most of our one-pieces can double as a body suit so don’t be afraid to experiment! Our tips for that endless summer look:


  1. Keep the suit, change up the make-up! Bordeaux/oxblood manis or lip color add richness to your overall ensemble.

  2. Wear your maillot with a corduroy mini and throw on a chunky cardigan.

  3. Trade in summer straw hats for a floppy felt version - it adds drama for the changing of the season.

BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: DC In Style

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Elena Fay, blogger and illustrator behind DC In Style, is an artist  creating dreamy watercolors of today’s most covetable fashions. We’re still over the moon from the paintings of her favorite BLUMOSS suits and in celebration, we are co-hosting a giveaway! Be sure to enter by following both @BLUMOSSSwimwear and @DCInStyle. For more on the talented Elena, read on for her Q&A, below:


BM: Give us the rundown on life as a blogger and illustrator:

DC:  I started my blog DC in Stylein March, 2012 to share my passion for art and fashion. Over the years this space evolved and became a creative outlet to share things I love, my inspiration and everything creative. Many doors have opened since I started blogging. At the beginning, it was a silly hobby but I really enjoyed it and knew that I want to do it full time. Now I have the opportunity to work with amazing brands and do what I really love-paint, paint, paint.


BM:  We also heard that youll be celebrating a new addition to your family soon! What excites you about motherhood?

DC:  Being a mom is a hard work but its the most rewarding job on the planet! I cant be happier to bring in another little man into this world, I already love him more than I can imagine.


BM:  What inspires your artistic style?

DC:  Its hard to pinpoint where the inspiration finds me because beautiful things are everywhere around us. When I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by fairy tales, colorful books and paper dolls that my older sister made for me. These days, Im mostly inspired by the magical atmosphere of fashion shows, whimsical collections and embellished gowns. 

BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: Model Chelsea Miller

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Last week, we teamed up with plus size model, Chelsea Miller. Her energy, confidence and radiating beauty was so infectious, we just had to learn more about her! Read on for our most inspiring Q&A to date!


BM:  Currently living?

CM:  I’m currently living in Valencia, CA and unless you are involved with studio work, people

usually have no clue where Valencia is. But an easy solution to that is that it’s the same town

that Six Flags Magic Mountain is located in.  


BM:  As a model and influencer, what message do you want to put out there for other women?

CM:  For me and so many of the models I work with, we really want to stress the importance of

health and self-love. Historically, the media has only portrayed one type of woman in their

campaigns, something that is unobtainable by most and that has really had a toll on women’s self-image and what we as a society find beautiful. Beauty cannot be defined; there is beauty in

everything and everyone! I just try and spread this message to those who don’t feel they are

beautiful. To show them that you don’t need to look like anyone else to find beauty in yourself.

Having a healthy mindset of your own image is so important to other aspects of your health,

and I don’t believe you can fully have physical health without mental health.


BM: Give us the rundown on life as a model!

CM:  Honestly it’s different every day! We have castings pretty regularly, so for me I am on the

road A LOT!!!! (Mostly because of where I live) It usually takes me about an hour to get

anywhere in LA. Castings usually take about 10 minutes, but then I am on the road again for another hour on the way home. But sometimes the client will have you try on multiple outfits,

which takes a bit long or you get there and there are 5 girls ahead of you, so there is a lot of

waiting as well. Jobs are similar in that way; they are different every time! Editorial or look book

jobs tend to be a little more fun, the makeup is more creative and you get to do more as a

model. When you are doing ecommerce, like Nordstrom’s or Macy’s it’s more about

consistency. So they typically want the same poses just new clothes for each shot. I remember

prior to becoming a model, I thought it had to be the easiest job in the world. But honestly some

days are so tedious and long. There are days where I will be standing, walking, posing in 5”

heels for 9 hours and I’ve changed my outfit a 100+ times. At the end of the day you are