BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: Model Chelsea Miller


Last week, we teamed up with plus size model, Chelsea Miller. Her energy, confidence and radiating beauty was so infectious, we just had to learn more about her! Read on for our most inspiring Q&A to date!


BM:  Currently living?

CM:  I’m currently living in Valencia, CA and unless you are involved with studio work, people

usually have no clue where Valencia is. But an easy solution to that is that it’s the same town

that Six Flags Magic Mountain is located in.  


BM:  As a model and influencer, what message do you want to put out there for other women?

CM:  For me and so many of the models I work with, we really want to stress the importance of

health and self-love. Historically, the media has only portrayed one type of woman in their

campaigns, something that is unobtainable by most and that has really had a toll on women’s self-image and what we as a society find beautiful. Beauty cannot be defined; there is beauty in

everything and everyone! I just try and spread this message to those who don’t feel they are

beautiful. To show them that you don’t need to look like anyone else to find beauty in yourself.

Having a healthy mindset of your own image is so important to other aspects of your health,

and I don’t believe you can fully have physical health without mental health.


BM: Give us the rundown on life as a model!

CM:  Honestly it’s different every day! We have castings pretty regularly, so for me I am on the

road A LOT!!!! (Mostly because of where I live) It usually takes me about an hour to get

anywhere in LA. Castings usually take about 10 minutes, but then I am on the road again for another hour on the way home. But sometimes the client will have you try on multiple outfits,

which takes a bit long or you get there and there are 5 girls ahead of you, so there is a lot of

waiting as well. Jobs are similar in that way; they are different every time! Editorial or look book

jobs tend to be a little more fun, the makeup is more creative and you get to do more as a

model. When you are doing ecommerce, like Nordstrom’s or Macy’s it’s more about

consistency. So they typically want the same poses just new clothes for each shot. I remember

prior to becoming a model, I thought it had to be the easiest job in the world. But honestly some

days are so tedious and long. There are days where I will be standing, walking, posing in 5”

heels for 9 hours and I’ve changed my outfit a 100+ times. At the end of the day you are



BM:  What is the most challenging thing when it comes to swimwear shopping?

CM:  For me it’s always been finding cute suites that come in larger sizes. I am naturally a DD

cup size and I have wide hips. So I tend to find things that will fit my top but then the bottoms

don’t fit, or vice versa. Fortunately more and more companies are selling them as separates so we can get two different sizes if need be, but I think there is still some progress to be made in

the level of “cuteness” for us fuller girls.


BM:  Please share your best swimsuit / bikini fit tip with us.

CM:  Honestly, just rock it! If you’re going to wear a two piece, do it and do it with confidence! If

you’re not comfortable in a two piece, find a cute one piece and do the same. If you feel

uncomfortable and you are constantly adjusting or fidgeting with your suit it shows. And the

same goes for confidence, when you’re feeling it, people can see it. So in the same sense,

make sure the fit is right. If you are tugging on it in the fitting room by yourself, the fit isn’t right

and you will do twice the tugging when you’re in public or in front of people.


BM:  Can you tell us what your favorite BLUMOSS suit is and why?

CM:  I am normally a two piece only kinda girl! Sure, I’ll take some cute pictures in a one piece,

but I love my curves and I love being able to show off my body in a two piece. But when I saw

the Skala Keyhole suit, I had to have it. The purple color is amazing, the neckline is so cute

and unique (I am actually thinking about wearing it as a bodysuit as well). Oh and then I saw the

back of it! Backless with a little crisscross action….couldn‘t resist.


BM:  What’s next on your bucket list?

CM:  My main bucket list item is to make it to Australia…it’s something I’ve just recently decided

to start saving for. Australia is massive, so I feel like I would need to be there for at least a

month to do and see everything.


BM:  What's your best travel tip?

CM:  Never check items that you couldn’t go without or easily replace if your luggage gets lost. If

I can get away with it, I won’t check my bag at all. I try to travel light, but usually my shoe

collection keeps me from doing that! So my carry on always has a few pairs of clean draws,

socks, a phone charger, a sweater, some snacks and my makeup/grooming kit.


BM:  Never leave home without...

CM:  Sadly it’s my phone! I am constantly on the go; I need access to my email and

navigation all day. So I try and detach from it when I am home, but always needing/having it has

also created some monsters in the social media realm, it’s so addicting!


BM:  BLUMOSS Babes are...

CM: Every girl…you don’t need to fit any one criteria. Just be you and love you! There is no one

else in this world exactly like you!