Beach Beauty Renewal Tips


All summer long we’ve been enjoying the outdoors, soaking up Vitamin D and spending days along the ocean. Now is the time to take pause and give your skin a boost in renewal by adding these tips to your beach beauty regime:


1. Treat yourself to a hydrating spa facial - it will exfoliate dry skin and prime your face to receive much needed moisture.


2.  Buy a jar of virgin coconut oil from Whole Foods - it comes in handy for more than just cooking! Smooth a generous amount over your limbs and body - make sure to concentrate on extra dry patches!


3.  Keep rosewater spray on hand. Use it as a toner to spritz on before moisturizing in the morning. Take some with you to quickly refresh throughout the day!

And of course, if you are going to go all out with a girls' spa day, don't forget to style it up with your favorite BLUMOSS suit!