A BLUMOSS Babe’s Packing List


Going on one more getaway trip before summer ends? Good for you! Let us help you make that quick escape with a packing list of travel essentials we think every BLUMOSS babe needs while on-the-go:

1.Carry-All Tote Bag - doubles as day bag and travel tote
2.Black Skinnies - always good to have this staple handy
3.Chambray Button Down - great for layering with tanks
4.A-Line Shirt Dress - versatile for day and night
5.Flats - walk around town without a care in the world
6.Maillot - a family friendly one-piece and a bodysuit to pair with a maxi skirt
7.Bikini - because it’s a summer must-have
8.Wristlet or Crossbody - for easy excursions
9.Evian Spray - spritz on for moisture
A good book - delays? Well, you’ll always be entertained