BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: The Clean Method

the clean method blogger wears blumoss mesh balconette bikini


Meet another BLUMOSS Babe, Christina, founder of The Clean Method. TCM is a  New York-based lifestyle magazine covering food, fitness, fashion and living CLEAN. With such an aspirational way of life, we naturally wanted learn more about TCM. And there’s more, make sure you read through this post for a surprise!




BM: Summer is just around the corner - can you share three CLEAN METHODS you are currently practicing to get bikini body ready?

TCM: 1) Eating clean, of course. This means incorporating more fresh veggies and fruit into my diet, as well as lean proteins and cutting back on carbs.

2) Adding more cardio to my workout regimen, as well as targeted resistance training.

3) Reducing stress. People often forget that stress is one of the biggest diet killers!


BM: Tell us why you love your BLUMOSS suit.

TCM: Because it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin...which, when it comes to fashion, is the most important feeling of all!


BM:  What’s your inspirational takeaway message for women everywhere?

TCM: Be yourself. Women, especially, feel the need to live up to society’s expectations of how they should look and act. They are all different types of beautiful, and authentic beauty starts with being true to who you are.


BM: Please finish this line for us: BLUMOSS babes are…
TCM:  Resilient, beautiful and totally kick-ass.

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