BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: Model Vanessa Golub

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Introducing one of our very first (and much adored!) BLUMOSS babes: Vanessa Golub. Born and raised in Orange County, California, Vanessa has modeled for and was Miss West Coast 2014. We recently caught up with her as she was vacationing in the Philippines to learn more about life in front of the camera lens:


BM:  Give us the rundown on life as a model!

VG:  For me the modeling itself isn't work because it's what I love, BUT -- don't be fooled by glamorous "bts" shots in beautiful locations getting hair and make up done. Actually finding the work, and booking the jobs is not easy and very competitive. Not to mention the 24/7 dieting and workouts!


BM:  How would you describe your style?

VG:  I would describe my style as simple and timeless. My "go-to" purchases are always simple, solid colored pieces that I can mix, match, and accessorize.


BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: Island Fever Sisters

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We have island fever over these next two BLUMOSS Babes, Kathy and Cindy, the bloggers behind Island Fever Sisters! Each sun-kissed sister blogs from her respective island: Kathy writes of idyllic beach life in Oahu and Cindy reports from the midsts of Manhattan glamour. Both cover the lifestyle gamut from fashion and travel to food and fitness - all under the lens of luxury. Intrigued? So were we - read on for our IFS Q&A:

BM:  Give us the rundown on IFS!

IFS:  We are two sisters who live from coast to coast, Hawaii and NYC that both live on an island, hence the name. :)  We love to travel, always up on the latest beauty products and enjoy jet-setting in fab resort wear. Our friends always asked us for advice when it came to these three topics and we decided to turn it into a blog for them. It's grown so much since then and now we are sharing it with other fans and readers.


BM:  What's your best Travel Tip?

IFS:  Don't over pack.You hardly ever wear everything anyways. Roll everything tightly in a carry-on and never check-in luggage. If we can travel for a month with just a carry on, so can you! :)


BM:  What is the most challenging thing when it comes to swimwear shopping?

IFS:  Well, we both are blessed up top, so the most challenging thing would be finding a supportive top that is flattering.


BM:  Please share your best swimsuit / bikini fit tip with us.

IFS:  Like we said before, finding a supportive top has always been challenging. Don't go for something that is trendy, go for something that flatters your figure. We love BLUMOSS, because they make swimsuits for all figures and they add double lycra and cups into the swimwear. The swimwear shapes your figure in all the right places and has a slimming effect. Bonus!

BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: The Clean Method

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the clean method blogger wears blumoss mesh balconette bikini


Meet another BLUMOSS Babe, Christina, founder of The Clean Method. TCM is a  New York-based lifestyle magazine covering food, fitness, fashion and living CLEAN. With such an aspirational way of life, we naturally wanted learn more about TCM. And there’s more, make sure you read through this post for a surprise!




BM: Summer is just around the corner - can you share three CLEAN METHODS you are currently practicing to get bikini body ready?

TCM: 1) Eating clean, of course. This means incorporating more fresh veggies and fruit into my diet, as well as lean proteins and cutting back on carbs.

2) Adding more cardio to my workout regimen, as well as targeted resistance training.

3) Reducing stress. People often forget that stress is one of the biggest diet killers!


BM: Tell us why you love your BLUMOSS suit.

TCM: Because it makes me feel comfortable in my own skin...which, when it comes to fashion, is the most important feeling of all!


BM:  What’s your inspirational takeaway message for women everywhere?

TCM: Be yourself. Women, especially, feel the need to live up to society’s expectations of how they should look and act. They are all different types of beautiful, and authentic beauty starts with being true to who you are.


BM: Please finish this line for us: BLUMOSS babes are…
TCM:  Resilient, beautiful and totally kick-ass.

BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: Sensible Stylista

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Sensible Stylista blogger pick is BLUMOSS Balconette Mesh Bikini

Meet BLUMOSS Babe and blogger, Kim of Sensible Stylista. This Baltimore-based teacher and classical pianist is passionate about fashion and beauty. We loved how she casually paired the Heron Mesh Panel Balconette Bikini Top with a pair of denim shorts, so we caught up with her to learn more about her East Coast style and what she really thinks about BLUMOSS babes:

BM: Give us the rundown on Sensible Stylista!

SS: Well, I first started blogging for fun in 2011, but now it’s my second job.  I write posts on fashion, beauty, home + living, and fitness – most of my blasts are personal style posts though. I’m all about looking fab on a budget. I take great pride in my bargain-shopping skills and consider myself to be a smart shopper who knows exactly when to save and when to splurge.

BM: What is the most challenging thing when it comes to swimwear shopping?

SS: Well, I’m self-conscious about my back fat so I’m mad picky about bottoms.

BM: My BLUMOSS Blogger Pick is...

SS: The Heron Mesh Panel Balconette Bikini.

BM: Finish this sentence: BLUMOSS Babes are...

SS: Effortlessly sexy.