BLUMOSS Babe Q&A: DC In Style


Elena Fay, blogger and illustrator behind DC In Style, is an artist  creating dreamy watercolors of today’s most covetable fashions. We’re still over the moon from the paintings of her favorite BLUMOSS suits and in celebration, we are co-hosting a giveaway! Be sure to enter by following both @BLUMOSSSwimwear and @DCInStyle. For more on the talented Elena, read on for her Q&A, below:


BM: Give us the rundown on life as a blogger and illustrator:

DC:  I started my blog DC in Stylein March, 2012 to share my passion for art and fashion. Over the years this space evolved and became a creative outlet to share things I love, my inspiration and everything creative. Many doors have opened since I started blogging. At the beginning, it was a silly hobby but I really enjoyed it and knew that I want to do it full time. Now I have the opportunity to work with amazing brands and do what I really love-paint, paint, paint.


BM:  We also heard that youll be celebrating a new addition to your family soon! What excites you about motherhood?

DC:  Being a mom is a hard work but its the most rewarding job on the planet! I cant be happier to bring in another little man into this world, I already love him more than I can imagine.


BM:  What inspires your artistic style?

DC:  Its hard to pinpoint where the inspiration finds me because beautiful things are everywhere around us. When I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by fairy tales, colorful books and paper dolls that my older sister made for me. These days, Im mostly inspired by the magical atmosphere of fashion shows, whimsical collections and embellished gowns. 

BM:  What is the most challenging thing when it comes to swimwear shopping?

DC:  I dont have the curves, so finding the right fit for my body can be challenging sometimes.


BM:  As an influencer, what message do you want to put out there for other women?

DC:  Believe in yourself and dont be afraid to dream! Start living the life you always dreamed of. Nobody says its easy, but everything is possible!


BM:  Can you tell us what your favorite BLUMOSS suit is and why?

DC:  Im a big fan of one piece swimwear and the Villa Classic Halter Maillot is my absolute favorite. I just love how simple, yet very elegant and classic it looks.


BM:  Whats next on your bucket list?

DC:  Traveling to Brazil during Carnival!


BM:  BLUMOSS Babes are

DC:  Classy and confident!