Summer Soiree Tips


With summer in full swing, get-togethers with friends and family will be a regular thing. Keep things fun and healthy by having fresh fruit on hand - that way, nobody will feel guilty about having a sweet treat! Our three favorite ways to keep fruit on the menu:


  1. Fruit-infused Water - serve refreshments with a twist! Try sparkling water with citrus slices and pop in some berries to add extra color.

  2. Fruit-in-Fruit - get sculptural and reuse melon rinds as serving bowls, this looks festive and guests will admire your creativity.

  3. Fruit Salad - this simple dessert can be endlessly tweaked. The secret is to use seasonal, ripened fruit, toss with a bit lemon juice to maintain freshness and if you’d like, go ahead and drizzle honey.

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